Landlord Representation

Today’s competitive market requires a comprehensive approach when leasing commercial properties. One facet is an aggressive marketing plan since custom marketing ensures that a property is leased promptly and in a manner consistent with the Landlord’s overall objectives.

In addition, steps must be taken to maximize asset value and increase a property’s cash flow. As Landlord Representative, CMI employs a complete strategy to accomplish the following goals:

Property/Market Analysis:
Property analysis begins with a thorough examination of the building and its environment to determine the property’s value within the market, especially as perceived by potential tenants.

Positioning Strategy:
A SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis serves as a basis for a targeted marketing plan. Strategies are then tailored to capitalize on the use of every available resource while taking proactive steps to avoid potential problems.

Aggressive Marketing:
CMI understands the qualities that appeal to certain target markets, and our experienced professionals have the insight to relay these qualities to prospective tenants in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. Can Create and Manage a Website for your Property.

Lease Negotiation:
When negotiating a lease, CMI strives to exceed landlord expectations while strengthening the bond of mutual respect with a prospective tenant. The ability to determine the motivation behind a particular request allows our brokers to control the negotiation process and bring about significant results that benefit all parties.

Closing the Deal/Tenant Retention Programs:
CMI knows that long-term tenant satisfaction is just as crucial as initial negotiations. Our professionals maintain good rapport with tenants throughout the term of occupancy.